Shezad Dawood in Solo Exhibition at Ryder Gallery

Shezad Dawood will be presenting Shezad Dawood – Leviathan: Sueños del Futuro Pasado from 26 February to 24 April 2020. Presenting a series of films, sculptures, and textiles by the artist, the exhibition is focused around Dawood's longstanding Leviathan Project. Constructing an epic, complex fiction, Leviathan examines themes of our globalised reality including global warming, imagining a near future in which the earth is only inhabited by the survivors of a solar cataclysm. To date, six chapters of the work have been produced, of which two, numbers 1 (Ben) and 5 (Ismael) will be on display.


This exhibition is a collaboration between HERO Gallery and The RYDER.



*** The exhibition has been extended unti 31 July 2020***

February 25, 2020
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