Hassan Hajjaj: AlUla 1445

Hassan Hajjaj's AlUla 1445, As part of the AlUla Arts Festival 2024

As part of the AlUla Arts Festival 2024 held in the historic city of AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 〈AlUla 1445〉 at the AlJadidah Arts District is featuring Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj.


Invited by the Royal Commission for AlUla, the artist captured portraits of athletes, merchants, farmers and members of the regional creative community in an outdoor studio at Madrasat Addeera last February. Locals, dressed in streetwear designed by the artist as well as traditional attire, pose against vibrant and colourful backdrops crafted by local artisans, illuminated anew through the lens of the Hajjaj's camera.


Hassan Hajjaj’s AlUla 1445 is running at AlJadidah Arts District until April 27.

February 16, 2024
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