Yunchul Kim Work Presented at Hyundai Motorstudio

Kim Yunchul's artwork Chroma (cy452) (2019) will be exhibited in the collaborative exhibition Metamorphosis between Hyundai Motors and the Montreal-based digital art institution Electra. This exhibition, referring to the Eastern classic the I Ching, will be an opportunity to explore new relationships between humans, nature, machines, and future humanity.

Yunchul Kim’s work is inspired by the “Ouroborous,” the snake which bites its own tail in ancient Greek mythology. Over 300 cells covering the surface of the work give shape to iridescent chroma in a unique pattern, forming its own materiality as the subject that reveals the event.


Metamorphosis will be open from June 14 to November 30, 2020. The exhibition is closed on the first Monday of each month.



June 14, 2020
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