Yangachi in "APMA, CHAPTER THREE" at Amorepacific Museum of Art

Currently at ‘APMA, CHAPTER THREE’, APMA’s special exhibition of contemporary art collection, 2021, five major works of media artist Yangachi are on display. ‘Kamikaze Bike’ and ‘Spear Wheel,’ produced in 2008, are installation works from his representative "Middle Korea" series. Beyond the reality that imagination cannot intervene, the Kim family, who has produced bikes for more than 50 years, lives in "Middle Korea," which was built on virtual territory between the South and North Korea. The so-called 'Kamikaze Bike,' which is made of sophisticated handcrafted goods, is a key product of Kim's plant. To ride this bike, you must register your nationality with Middle Korea and agree to the goal of destroying all the systems they belong to. Kamikaze riders run to review systems such as 'nation, citizen, territory, and government.' The exhibition runs until August 22.

April 15, 2021
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