Mark Dion’s Iconic Installation with Added New Flairs on View in NYC

"The Field Station of the Melancholy Marine Biologist" will be on view at Port Jay and Nolan Park, Governor's Island in NYC from Oct 8.

Previously presented at Storm King Art Center as part of the exhibition Climate Indicators: Artists on Climate Change in 2018 and Prospect 4 New Orleans in 2017 <The Field Station of the Melancholy Marine Biologist> takes on a new form on Governors Island with objects and material culture informed by the Island’s unique history and the ecology of New York Harbor and the Buttermilk Channel. The new installation of the work transforms a historic arsenal building into an abandoned research outpost. As visitors peer through the building’s windows they witness a scene preserved in time—a moment Dion explains “where somebody studying the natural world realizes that the future’s not looking so good…that we are going to lose a great amount of the natural wonders that have been here in previous centuries.”

October 6, 2021
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