Sculptor Chung Seoyoung’s Solo Exhibition 'What I Saw Today' at SeMA

“How sculpture could be integral, critical, and absurd”


  • Sculptor Chung Seoyoung’s Solo Exhibition What I Saw Today at SeMA

  • Sculpting Unseen Relationships, including Light, Sound, and Text 

  • A Moment of Witnessing Expansion of Contemporary Sculpture 


Chung Seoyoung is widely recognized as an artist who played a leading role in promoting the contemporaneity of modern sculpture in Korea. Chung continues her artistic experiments, which malleably deal with the issue of sculpture across various media and fields. Her solo exhibition What I Saw Today is currently on view at the Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Branch. 


In the exhibition, the seemingly simple and mundane elements in her works give rise to multi-layered semantic divisions, and paradoxically, the sparse void leaves room for rich implications. Chung presents a total of thirty-three pieces, including her major works produced since 1993 and nine new works. The exhibition continues until November 13th. 

October 18, 2022
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