Chung Seoyoung

Knocking Air
Publisher: Barakat Contemporary
Dimensions: 205 x 275 mm

The catalog for "Chung Seoyoung: Knocking Air", the solo exhibition held at Barakat Contemporary in 2020, is out now. The publication includes the slides of artwork from the exhibition, the artist’s words for each work, and reviews by critic/curator Jang Un Kim, Haeju Kim, and Seewon Hyun.


This publication is a record of exhibitions, but also is intended to be placed with a sculpture of Chung Seoyoung, making the reader constantly evoke distance rather than stamping time and impatiently meaning what is contained in it. The catalog can be purchased directly via the link below.



Jang Un Kim 「Chung Seoyoung: Along with Ghosts」

Haeju Kim 「Networks of Object」

Seewon Hyun 「Exhibition Time: Chung Seoyoung」


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