Yangachi Says
Publisher: Barakat Contemporary
Dimensions: 188 x 258 mm
Yangachi Says, an art book surveying the works Yangachi, follows the artist's world which captures the signs of the future in the present. With sections under the theme of ‘era’, the book is composed with the artist’s works from Yangachi Guild(2002) to Galaxy Express(2020), with essays centered around keywords including materialism, visual system, connection, data, and the future.
Yangachi, a media artist, to be more precise, can be said to be an artist who deals with media as medium. Yangachi's work has mediated the process of collision and mixing of time, mediating not only through screens and the web, but also between people and people, the sensed world and the yet-to-be sensed world, and the present and future. The artist, who has continuously captured the relationships between data, technology, objects, people, and visual systems, focuses on media itself as a medium and as process of mediating, expanding and inverting linear time and fixed space.
In the time the artist has passed through, Yangachi looks into a future where “everything, and all things is/are connected”, and explores the signs of the overthrow of the dichotomy of center and periphery in our value systems. In the moment when the present and the world yet to be collide unexpectedly, the artist’s work expresses the future that will surely come through—a future the readers will be able to experience through this book.

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Woo Ah-reum, 「Entrances, or an Explication of Yangachi’s Virtual-Materialist World」
Seong Eun Kim, 「Yangachi Materialism」
Yangachi x Lee Kwang-suk, 「AI, Robotics, Mobility, Energy, Smart Cities, IoT, Surveillance, Visual Systems, Body, Senses」
Lee Yeong Chul, 「Pataphor on a Game Board: Notes on Galaxy Express」

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