Michael Dean

Garden of Delete
Publisher: Barakat Contemporary
ISBN: 979-11-965038-6-4
Dimensions: 120 x 180 mm

Michael Dean: Garden of Delete


The catalog for "Michael Dean: Garden of Delete”, the solo exhibition held at Barakat Contemporary in March 2021, is available now. The publication includes the slides of artwork from the exhibition, the artist's garden, and Dean's attempts to write preceded by sculpture. 


Essays and an interview text by critic/curator Linsey Young, Fabian Schöneich, Nam-See Kim, and Haeju Kim also contained.


The catalog can be purchased at the gallery reception or directly via the link below.



Linsey Young 「Feelings of Love」

Fabian Schöneich 「Michael Dean: The garden as a construct of matter and language」

Nam-See Kim 「On the presence of Things-In-Deletion」

Haeju Kim & Michael Dean  I want reading to be equivalent to writing


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