Nevin Aladağ

Motion LInes
ISBN: 979-11-981843-2-0 (93600)
Dimensions: 115*180mm

Nevin Aladağ: Motion Lines


The Catalog for Nevin Aladağ: Motion Lines, the artist’s solo exhibition at Barakat Contemporary in 2022, is out now. The publication includes the slides of artwork from the exhibition for the representative works Resonator series, Session, Traces, Marsch (Basel) and more. It also contains texts by Ryu Hankil (musician), and the two artist interviews run by Ma Dong-Eun (Curator) and Cho Seon-Rhyeong (art researcher, associate professor at PNU).

You can purchase the catalogue through gallery reception or the link below.


Ryu Hankil, The Resonator’s Resonance Activates Motion Lines

Ma Dong-Eun, [Interview] Nevin who records the period in musical notes

Cho Seon-Rhyeong, [Interview] The resonance of things, the vibration of existence