Shezad Dawood

Leviathan: On Sunspots and Whales
Softcover 33 pages
Publisher: Barakat Contemporary
Dimensions: 30 x 22 cm

The catalog for "Shezad Dawood: Leviathan – On Sunspots and Whales", the artist’s first solo exhibition in Korea held at Barakat Contemporary in 2018, is out now. ‘Leviathan’ is an ambitious project of Shezad Dawood that expands in the form of discussion and publication through collaboration with experts in various fields besides artwork. The publication includes writings by multi-disciplinary experts (philosopher, oceanographer, critic, art therapists) in response to the artwork of Shezad Dawood, a conversation between Shezad Dawood and Jinsang Yoo (critic), and screen plays for ‘Leviathan’(episode 1,2). 


Jinkyung Yi (Philosopher) 「From an East Asia of Wokou to an East Asia of Displaced Persons」

Sughyun Nam (Oceanographer) 「Breaking Walls, Crossing Boundaries」

Namsoo Kim (Critic) 「Korea's Whale Myths: Leviathan Implying Dreams of the Pacific Like the Klein Bottle」

Eunhae Jung (Art theraphist) 「Here But Not Here: Yemeni Refugees and the Jeju Soft Coral Garden」


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