Wael Shawky

Al Araba Al Madfuna
Publisher: Barakat Contemporary
Dimensions: 220 x 275 mm

The catalog for "Wael Shawky: Al Araba Al Madfuna", the artist’s first solo exhibition in Korea held at Barakat Contemporary in 2019, is out now. The publication includes slides of artwork from the exhibition, an interview with the artist, a review by critic Lee Young Chul, and a screenplay for the artist’s representative work "Al Araba Al Madfuna" (2016) in Korean, English, and Arabic.


Mohamed Mustagab (Writer) 「Sunflowers」(2008)

Youngchul Lee (Art Critic) 「"...We are nearer to him than hisjugular vein": Al Araba Al Madfuna and Other Films by Wael Shawky 」(2020)


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