Michael Dean—Garden of Delete

Performance 'NO CORE'
April 3, 2021

We are pleased to share with you a video of the artist Michael Dean on his performance 'NO CORE'.


Within the exhibition space that realises a white blank page, the individual sculptures lean against and stack on top of each other, their forms spelling words such as HAPPY BROKE SADS BONES WITH STICKS AND STONES.


At Michael Dean’s performance <NO CORE> on last April 3rd, Dean walked around the exhibition space, performing a series of actions: from transcribing the alphabetic bodies with the guitar and generating sound, to destroying it. The amplifier moved around the words during the performance, acting as the full stops in sentences, punctuating each moment. Through the amplifier, the sound — atmosphere — diffusing into space surrounded the environment occupied by the sculptures, speaking of the volumes of the works’ physical presence and breathes life into them. This act reenacted the natural process involving air and wind where boulders of rocks are battered, edited and eroded. Dean’s performance further revealed the emergence of sounds generated by using the acoustics of the guitar strings plucked by his fingers, the tactile stylus. The resulting sound from the friction between Dean’s body, the neck of the guitar and the fret brought to mind the anatomical means of utterance: the contact between the tongue and the throat to produce vocalised words.