Nevin Aladağ—Motion Lines

Performance: When Sound Draws the Abstract Space
June 4, 2022

As a part of Nevin Aladağ’s exhibition Motion Lines, two Korean traditional musicians - Hwang Gina (kŏmungo) and Hannah Kim (Korean traditional percussion) will give a sound performance playing Aladağ’s sculpture-instrument, Resonator (2018), Resonator Strings (2019), and Resonator Percussion (2019) on 4th June (Sat), and 2nd July (Sat) 2022.


This performance will be a place for exploring the multilayered identity of the ‘sculpture-instrument’, extended to the body while seeking Aladağ’s Resonator series’s new possibilities of sound as instruments. Performers, who play the Aladağ’s series that accumulates traditional musical instruments from diverse cultures, cross the space or gather at a single point, and create physical movements of sound through various acts accompanied by spreading movements and pounding, plucking, and blowing the instruments. This will be a time to listen to the unknown sounds that will occur along with the rhythm and movements of the performers.


Ultimately, we expect this performance to be a time to expand the artistic world of Nevin Aladağ, who imagines “the vivid images combining music, shape, and movements,” to another dimension, and to the world of audiences watching the performance.





Date: 4th June 2022 (Sat) 16:30

Date: 2nd July 2022 (Sat) 16:30