El Anatsui—Day After Night

Exhibition Sketch
Check out our video sketch of El Anatsui’s solo exhibition in Korea, Day after Night.

“El Anatsui’s tapestry (sculptural) works shimmer with red, yellow, gold and silver, but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that they are made from liquor bottle caps stitched together by copper wire. In demonstrating how such opulence can be fashioned from the discarded byproducts of a consumer society, Anatsui shows us that value ultimately resides in our creative ability to perceive and shape the world in new ways.”
El Anatsui: New Worlds, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, 2014

Anatsui’s new exhibition Day after Night focuses on the materiality of light, through his grand new bottle cap sculptural artwork New World Symphony, another new wooden panel work of Realities and Illusions and artist’s latest print works. Anatsui’s artworks - created by the artist’s continuous sculptural experiments - reflects an endless feast of lights and splendour as well as suggesting the truth behind the materials and the unexpected gravity.

The video sketch is available on Barakat Contemporary’s instagram and Youtube channel.