Shezad Dawood—Integrations

April 13, 2023

“I tried to bring not just about architecture and the space, but about the level of detail and aesthetics and presenting a unified field. And it was something I wanted to try and transport to the gallery. So, thinking about how to bring the outside in, and then certain inside of the gallery could be a set of doorways into the other places and moments. There’s something about how we make these spaces, or retain the sustainability of these spaces in their legacy and at a more human scale than how we make architecture today.”
“I’m very passionate about the modernism period particularly in non-western settings because it becomes a projection of identity in the independence, postcolonial moment and with new nations, or newly independent nations using architecture as a form of nation-building.”

We’re pleased to present an artist interview with Shezad Dawood. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the architectural narratives of Dawood’s works, such as When Louis Met Ahmed, Heydar, Bashir et Marian, and Antonin's Music Center. Hope you accept the artist’s invitation to join him on his synesthetic journey of colours and spatial architecture to explore the world of the ‘colourist.’

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video credit: post boolbang