Sung Hwan Kim—Night Crazing

Exhibition Sketch
October 12, 2022
Check out our video sketch of Sung Hwan Kim’s solo exhibition, Night Crazing. The exhibition is on view until 30 October 2022.

“All that strive to display themselves in darkness through the luxury of light are forced to put on different masks, unable to exhibit their daytime selves during the night. The night is thus egalitarian—it is the period of the day during which the interstices between the seen and the unseen are abridged. And that is perhaps the reason why Kim’s films, which engage with the ways in which history is transmitted and varied across discrete bodies as well as the imaginative potential that stems from different forms of ambivalence, are exhibited in the context of the night. Through the absence of sight that enables a certain reorganization of the senses, we are equipped to focus on the “unseen” that informs the crux of his practice. Over the course of a crazed night, those images and sensations that cannot be so easily grasped and put together in clear-cut logic are finally reborn into songs that have remained hitherto unsung.”

Excerpt from: Harry C.H. Choi (Art historian and curator), Night Crazing: Songs for the Unseen, Exhibition text