Nevin Aladağ: Interlocking

Nevin Aladağ’s solo exhibition at Max Ernst Museum Brühl

Nevin Aladağ’s new solo exhibition, Interlocking is now on view at Max Ernst Museum Brühl. The survey exhibition Interlocking with textile collages, sound sculptures, installations and videos draws connections between different patterns of artistic creation and their socio-cultural backgrounds. The creative forging of such connections is an important aspect of Nevin Aladağ's extensive oeuvre. In the new Social Fabric series, which were also exhibited at her solo exhibition at Barakat Contemporary in 2022, various textiles are woven into a "utopian carpet" that visually brings together the origins of the material from different cultures. The Carpet Ball Game installation is an interactive invitation to play indoor basketball in the centre of the exhibition hall. In addition, a new group of works and site-specific installations with the Best Friends flags can be seen outside the museum.

March 19, 2024
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