Yunchul Kim was selected as the representative artist of the Korean Pavillion at the 2022 Venice Biennale

Yunchul Kim, an artist and electronic music composer, will present an exhibition under the title of Campanella: The swollen Sun with Lee Young-chul, a professor at Gyewon National University of Arts who has been selected as the director of the Korean Pavilion.


The title of the exhibition, ‘Campanella (1568-1639)’, is taken after an Italian philosopher who advocated imaginative socialist ideas expressed in the "City of the Sun." His ideas pointed towards an ideal theocratic society in which private property is shared, reflecting the sentiments and hopes of the poor and the lower-class intellectuals. Campanella also means a small bell in Italian, and the sub-title of the exhibition, “The swollen Sun," is based on the title of a poem written by Kim in 2011.


Kim’s exhibition takes flight from the perspective of contemporaneous fundamental transformation to consider Campanella’s Speculative Fabrication from the late 16th Century and the parallelism that can be found in our contemporary society to focus on ‘things’, evoking limitless imagination and numerous questions.

August 17, 2021
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