Peles Duo: Forms of Love

Peles Duo's solo Exhibition at Stiftung St. Matthäus, Berlin
Peles Duo’s new solo exhibition Forms of Love is now on view at Stiftung St. Matthäus, Berlin.

Love has many forms. Undefinable by nature, it is realized in infinite forms of relationships, roles and gender images. The love poetry of the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament is already familiar with this wealth of imagery and develops an androgynous language of love from it, which is also a language of images. Peles duo follows this language of images in a comprehensive spatial design - central: the image of the opened pomegranate, which traditionally stands for pain and wounds as well as fertility and new life as a symbol of transition. During the exhibition period in St. Matthew's Church, ambiguous objects and sculptures will be created in the field of tension between Passiontide and Easter and in dialog with the Song of Songs.

The exhibition runs through May 12th.
March 19, 2024
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